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George Hodges-Fulton

Professional EOS® Implementer

Progressing through his career, George has been able to zero in on his true passion - helping business owners and leadership teams get what they want from their businesses. He is an experienced strategic thinker and integrator who enjoys being a change agent. Having sat in almost every seat at every level of the business, he can relate to the frustrations, pain and struggles that entrepreneurs face, and founded 123Traction to help. 

George holds  an undergraduate degree from University of Virginia. He earned his Master’s degree in Construction Management from Colorado State University at night while building his career in the construction industry in Denver, Colorado, commuting 140 miles round trip nightly. 

After relocating to the Washington, DC area, George spent 14 years with BOWA Inc., the largest whole house remodeler in the country. At BOWA he was introduced to the concepts behind EOS and saw their impact firsthand as he worked on and within the system. During his tenure there, he worked his way up from Production Manager to Sales Manager to General Manager and member of the Executive Team. During this time, the company grew from $12 million to $35 million and George became a Principal of the firm. As General Manager, he also worked within the business as an intrapreneur, building a division from just a concept to over $15 million in revenue.

In 2017, he successfully exited BOWA and was brought in to be the Chief Operating Officer of a Landscape Design/Build firm. There he self-implemented EOS to transform and grow the firm. In two years, he increased revenue by 129% and net profit by 351%. He was able to put the proper people and processes in place and successfully set up the firm for the future.

Now a Professional EOS Implementer, George truly believes that with EOS, “the system sets you free." It also promotes growth in a way that empowers each team member and helps them understand how they are connected to each other and to the company’s success.


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Are  you planning an event for entrepreneurial business leaders? As a Professional EOS Implementer, George can deliver a dynamic presentation to your group, providing engaging and valuable content that can be immediately put into practice. These sessions are ideal for Business Peer Groups, Industry Associations, Franchise Conferences, Conference/Trade Show breakout sessions, or any other group setting. 


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